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Our work is focused on empowering others and supporting them through their daily physical and mental struggles.

Through exercise, positive mental planning, and helping to develop essential life skills, we hope to help others achieve a sense of purpose and find their voice.

Through our personalised-clothing printing services, we're also proud to say we're able to support a variety of small business' and our local community.


A good mentor needs to be more than just a ‘successful’ individual. A good mentor must also have the disposition and desire to develop, support and encourage others. Mentorship requires a willingness to reflect on and share your own experiences, including your failures.


At The Limitless Heights Project, we believe that Mentoring can help to guide you towards achieving your life goals; gaining practical advice to develop your communication skills, increase your social and academic confidence, and overall gain a stronger sense of self.


We will help to identify your goals and life's ambitions, to establish a sense of direction in your personal or professional life. Become more empowered and emboldened in your decision-making today.



Nutrition plays such a crucial role in optimising and maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. Research has found that your food choices may affect your mood and mental health (Lachance, L., & Ramsey, D., 2015) - also known as 'the food-mood connection'. 

Much like exercise, there's not a 'one-size fits all' approach when it comes to nutrition and balance is KEY. Through our personalised 1-2-1's you'll learn about the right types of food to eat at the right times of day - to suit your body and lifestyle. Together, we can set focused and targeted nutritional goals according to your specific dietary needs, that will help you on your way towards achieving your goals.



Having a personal trainer can help to keep you motivated, even on days when motivation doesn’t want to show up. We’re that extra push you need when your body feels like it’s given up! We’re here to give you that jump start!


We provide specialised and informed evidence-based knowledge, regarding various physical aspects of fitness and training. Sometimes when exercising you can lose focus but with a PT, we can introduce new and exciting ways for you to adjust your exercise routine and have some fun!




Motivational public speaking by our founder John Collins. John’s powerful and engaging life story has so far been met with widespread positivity. Delivering engaging and inspirational talks, using his captivating story of tackling racism and overcoming mental health issues in the face of adversity, was not something that he thought was possible until a few years ago. In his own words:


"Public speaking wasn’t something which I would ever consider doing due to fear-factor when confronting an audience. I then faced my fear (check out how here), and haven’t looked back since! It’s raised my confidence in order for me to share my experiences with a live audience. An audience which social media can’t always reach.”