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In his own words, our founder and CEO of The Limitless Heights Project gives a brief history into his life story, and why he became so emboldened to start a community where every individual can unlock their potential, achieve a sense of purpose and find their voice. 

"I was raised in a traditional Jamaican household, with my grandparents playing a significantly influential role in my upbringing.


I had a relatively stable childhood, but as a young black boy being raised in a predominantly white area, this gave rise to its own set of challenges.


Throughout my teenage years, I suffered with my confidence which brought on issues of anxiety. This opened the door and gave host to a myriad of personal and social problems. I believed that I was never good enough for anything…or anyone. 


I began to funnel all of my time and energy into creating a facade, to no avail, as it only helped to mask the issues manifesting beneath the surface. It was a life-changing experience that threatened my mere existence, that made me come to the realisation that something had to change. Something needed to change. 


"I believed that I wasn't good enough for anything...or anyone."

Fast-forward a few years later, I discovered my love for the gym environment and a passion for training. I also became a Dad, which gave me a new outlook, a new focus and a new perspective on life.

Having built up a strong network around myself, consisting of close friends and family, I decided that I wanted to start giving back to those who need help and support the most. Those who are unsure of which direction to go in.


My team and I are on a mission to support others in order to help them facilitate and manage their daily physical and mental battles. Through exercise, positive mental planning, and helping to develop essential life skills, we hope to help others achieve a sense of purpose and find their voice.



Catch John over on his Instagram & Facebook: @megajohnphysique3